A licensed chiropractor in the state of Florida, Shawn Hanson has considerable experience providing wellness care, corrective care, and relief care to patients in the Tarpon Springs area. At present, Shawn Hanson serves as a chiropractor at Tarpon Total Health Care. He has served in this capacity since 2007, helping patients with a range of issues. For instance, he provides pain relief to patients suffering from spondylolisthesis, stenosis, and disc herniations. Furthermore, he is certified to practice manipulation under anesthesia.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, he gives back to his community through volunteer work and regular donations to a number of causes. More specifically, he contributes to local and international children’s charities, including the Blind PACE Center for Girls, the YFA Rap House, the Katelyn Foundation, and the Schwettman Education Center.

Moreover, he is a Trinity Rotarian. Trinity Rotarians’ have the opportunity to travel to Honduras to install latrines and water filters with Pure Water for the World and deliver medical supplies and clothing to orphanages in Haiti. Dr. Hanson hopes to be able to go on one of these trips one day. For his contributions to Rotary International’s Rotary Foundation, Mr. Hanson has been recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow.

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